Is It Possible to Tickle Yourself ?

Ok, I will admit it, I am a little weird.  Weird may not be the right word, Strange is probably better.  Well, I have a young daughter and one of the things she loves is when I tickle her.  Not just tickle her a little, I mean tickle her until she almost wets her pants.  It’s a blast.  She is so ticklish that once I start to tickle her, I barely even have to touch her for her to start laughing hysterically.  This led me to thinking, “Can a person tickle themselves ?”

Now, at my age I am not really very ticklish any more so I don’t know if I am a good judge of this or not, but based on my research I would have to say NO, it is not possible to tickle yourself.

Part of being tickled is the surprise of it.  Obviously that is impossible when you are going to tickle yourself.  You know it is coming.  You know where it is coming.  No surprise.  No tickle, no laughing.

I thought, well, it may be the area I am trying to tickle myself, so I tried all the areas I remember being ticklish.  Under my armpits – nothing.  On my feet – nothing.  On my neck, same results.  I really could not tickle myself.

Now, one of the areas I used to be ticklish is on my feet.  So, I took a ruler and ran it over the bottom of my feet in my tickle zone.  It did cause a reaction, but it was more like a reflex action than really being tickled, and no I did not laugh.

So, based on my limited research, I would have to say that NO, you cannot tickle yourself.  Having said that though, I am sure glad you can tickle others – it’s sure is a lot of fun, and making and hearing others laugh is contagious and makes a person feel good inside and out.

Effects of subliminal technology

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Self Belief


There is a lot of fuss created in the self development industry about effects of subliminal technology. Subliminal technology has emerged as the most preferred form of attaining personal improvement acts. There are quite a number of people around the globe who have sampled this technology and reported its efficiency in positive mind alteration acts. This has led to an industry boom on subliminal product auction sites.

Well, we each live differently, hold different beliefs and have had different life experiences. For example, one comment, or suggestion, may mean one thing to an American and something completely different to a Brit.Let us say you had a subliminal suggestion that stated “I am getting richer everyday”. What does that mean to you? I will assume that, to you, riches mean money. Well, if this suggestion makes you save 10% of your pay-packet every week then you are indeed getting richer but that won’t mean you ever get rich! However, to someone that believes riches mean more than money this same statement could help improve their relationships, health, finances etc. To someone else it may indeed make them rich!

This is why many subliminal programs not produce dramatic and specific results. It is not that they do not work it is just they are not specific enough for individual use! You can always off-set this problem by buying subliminals that are made especially for you but this option is very costly. Through the use of subliminal recording software you can easily make your own subliminals.Reasons for choosing Subliminal Recording Software For the reasons stated it is always best to create your own subliminal messages with top rate subliminal recording software. By creating custom made recordings using your own subliminal recording software you can ensure the messages that are being delivered to your brain are the ones that you have chosen and that will have the greatest impact on your mind and behaviour. Choosing to take the route of subliminal recording software to get benefits from subliminal programming is essential if you want to get results.

When you create your own specific programs with subliminal recording software you are assured of targeting the areas that you want to change. Subliminal Recording Software or Generic Subliminals? The only drawback to using subliminal recording software is that many people lack the expertise to create their own subliminal commands. When you add the fact that many people have a techno-phobia and feel that creating recordings with embedded messages in them seems too complicated, most people do not even consider the option of using subliminal recording software.

When initiating therapy, be patient and let subliminal learning occur. It is very important to note that subliminal technology takes time to affect full therapy. Consistency in affecting therapy is very important in attaining full behavioral change. Subliminal technology has no known side effects or after effects, people who’ve engaged subliminal therapy in mind development acts have always had something positive to write home about. Subliminal mp3 are the easiest form of achieving success in your everyday life.



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Cat Finds It’s Way Home From Over 200 Miles


I was recently browsing around the internet and came across this story of a cat finding it’s way home over 200 miles.  While I am sure it was written as a “feel good” story, there is quite a bit of scientific evidence, as well as scepticism presented as well.

Well, I wouldn’t have believed it could be true unless something similar had happened to my family and I, on a much smaller scale.

If you don’t want to take the time to read the whole story I will summarize it for you.  Basically this family went on a mini vacation about 200 miles from their home.  While there, their pet cat got lost.  They returned home thinking they would never see their cherished pet again.  Well, low and behold about 2 months later the cat found it’s way home.

Remember earlier I told you about my own experience with something similar.  Well, my family moved to a new home about 2 miles from our previous home.  A few months after moving, our cat went missing.  Well, my kids were distraught.  They plastered fliers all over town asking if anyone sees the cat to please call.  About 3 days later we get a call.  It was our neighbors from our old house telling us that our cat was outside of their home and that we could stop by and pick him up.  We were absolutely overjoyed, and at the same time amazed at how the cat could find his way to the old home, having to cross several major roads to do so.  After that, about every month or so the cat would run away.  Once we realized he was missing, we would take a ride to our old house and slowly drive through calling his name, or stop and get out and call his name, and sure enough there he was.  Sometimes some of our old neighbors would spot him and give us a call before we even realized he was missing.  It was absolutely impossible to comprehend that he could make this journey in less than an hour and do so without getting run over.

We have talked before about animals and their “Sixth Sense’s”, and this appears to be one of them.  We as humans always want to have rational explanations for everything, and sometimes there just isn’t one.


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Attracting Love on Valentine’s Day With the Law of Attraction

Early 20th century Valentine's Day card, showi...

With Valantines Day fast approaching many peoples thoughts turn to love and attraction. For those of you looking for a lover, partner, or soul mate, the Law of Attraction will be of interest to you. Many however do not know much about the Law of Attraction. Most Law of Attraction techniques for manifesting a fabulous love life include regular visualization, collecting images or creating “vision boards” that reflect our desires, making space for someone new in our lives, scripting about our partner as if they’re already here, etc.While these processes help bring our dreams of love to reality, there are other steps required to allow your ideal partner to appear. If you’re serious about getting the love life you want, follow these six tips:

Desire and Desperation – You need to let go of the desperation,While desire is a sacred energy, an energy of creation, desperation is just the opposite, a destructive energy. When desire is unfulfilled the void is taken over by desperation. While desire is a pure and good energy, desperation is a powerful negative energy. Desire creates those vibes in you to attract, desperation creates just the opposite vibes, to repel. When you fell in love with that special person, the sacred seed of desire was sown in you. Due to whatever reasons when that desire was unfulfilled desperation crept in. So the first step is remove that desperation. Clear all desperation.

What’s holding most people from attracting their love relationship is that in the very next thought they think what’s wrong with me. Let me make this more graphic by example. Cynthia is a client of mine who wants to meet her love match which whom she can build a life. She wants to have a family and her career. So Cynthia is very clear about what she wants. And in the same conversation she tells me about how worried she is because she’s getting older. She doesn’t have that much time to start a family. And wonders if she really can juggle career and family successfully.

Once you do this you let go of any attachment to the result. Now the fun part begins.Creating a beautiful love life,Once you have let go of any attachment to that person, you have given a very powerful and strong signal to the Universe you are now ready for love in your life. If previously your love was one sided now it’s time to create a both sided relationship. You are a super hero in your theater of the mind. Your movie is in your mind and your movie creates your reality. You have 100% control over your imagination and use this wisely to create a reality of your choice.

You must be a match on the inside before it will show up on the outside. It’s always an inner game. And I hope you’ll be easy with yourself and make it fun. Life is meant to be enjoyed and if you want it with the love of you dreams.Most people don’t realize that the law of attraction works for everything. It’s not just about attracting money, or that new job or car, or any other material thing you may want, it’s about using it to attract everything you want in your life, including attracting love. Since the law of attraction is always on and you’re attracting everything into your life already, why not do so consciously.

You’ll find these tips have one thing in common: creating vibrational alignment with the relationship you dream of. Because “like attracts like,” the power of the Law of Attraction is in aligning vibrationally (your thoughts and emotions) with your desired end result. Follow these steps, and you’re guaranteed to be much closer to getting the love life you want.Law of Attraction relationships tools function in another way for me than for money. When I tried to attain wealth using the Law of Attraction I did so very easily. I even retired young employing these methods. However for romance I was forced to seek extreme law of attraction methods.

Love Yourself First.Every relationship we have, be they the ones from work, play, our communities or our private lives–all of these relationships reflect back to us the love we give ourselves. They will tell you or not whether you are loving yourself first.While this may seem selfish, it is imperative if you are going to partner with someone else. If you don’t love yourself, how can you love another? If you don’t love yourself, how can they love you? When you are in a relationship, you will find that the way that person loves you is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself.

Since I had digested every last relationship publication I could find, made sure each and every social event I attended was geared to acquiring love, learned country dancing, obtained cosmetic surgery, hired a “find your soul mate” coach, attended a “Getting Love After 35″ course, I really had exhausted most every traditional method I could find to acquire love.I figured, “What exactly do I have to lose?” In just one week I had the relationship candle magic ritual in my hands and ignited it.The first thing that happened was I relaxed. I decided if this thing was going to work, I would put it to the test. Therefore, I quit venturing out on Friday nights to destinations where I could meet a love interest. Instead I went out with a handful of individuals from the job for a beer at a neighborhood pub.That day, 10 days after doing the love spell, like magic I met a guy who became my significant other for the next eight years!

Remember this very clearly Intention Manifestation can ONLY and ONLY happen when the feelings vibrational level is high. Desperation is like a deep well, it has a -ve vibration. Love and Gratitude have the highest vibration.If you do this right your emotions at this point of time should be: zero desperation. You will wonder where it has disappeared? extremely happy because you have created a beautiful relationship and seen and felt it so vividly,a perfect happy relationship between you and the Universe where you only and only have Thank You’s for the Universe.Your perfect relationship will manifest in all certainty. 60,000 thoughts a day is your thought karma. If Love and Gratitude is even in 80% of this thought karma you cannot imagine what a beautiful relationship you will create, far beyond your imagination.


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Grandfather of Rock Ronnie Wood Marries Girlfriend 31 Years Younger

Ronnie Wood

Ronnie Wood
He has done it again: The Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood has married for the third time. “I feel great,” said the 65-year-old British newspaper “The Sun”, after his 31 years younger girlfriend Sally Humphreys given in a London hotel the knot.

Images the 34-year old theater producer Humphreys showed in a white wedding dress, while Wood was wearing a dark suit and pink socks, holding a pack of cigarettes in his hand. Witness was singer Rod Stewart, and ex-Beatle Paul McCartney came to the small ceremony.

Huge age difference
The “Sun” took in a comment to the great age difference of the couple for a ride. “The old rocker will need all his famous energy,” wrote the tabloid. “At 34, his bride is half his age.’s Hope that she shows little sympathy for the old devil,” it said, referring to the Rolling Stone’s hit “Sympathy for the Devil”.

Wood, who has struggled throughout his career with severe drug problems and over again, had left in 2008 after 20 years of marriage his wife Jo for a 21-year old bartender. The divorce was completed last year. From the marriage, the couple have two children together, also is the rock and roll legend, one son from his first marriage.

The Rolling Stones'

Tell-all book announced The Rolling Stones were celebrating this year its 50th anniversary on stage. Woods is here since 1975. For February, the publication of a book is announced by his ex-wife Jo Wood in which she wants to unpack their time on the side of the rock band.

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Ashton Kutscher submits divorce

Ashton Kutscher

Ashton Kutscher
This is it: Ashton Kutcher (33) has officially divorce from Demi Moore sought. The actor (“Two and a Half Men”) filed for divorce documents on Friday in a court in Los Angeles.

Very public relationship

Demi Moore had proclaimed from her marriage to Kutcher in the past year, but never filed for divorce.

Moore and Kutcher the 15 years his junior, were married in 2005 and had a very public relationship by among others communicated a lot on Twitter.

Always get the most Celebrity News: Become a fan of VIP Spotlight and will join in the discussion!

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Black Piranhas Have Stronger Bite than Tyrannosaurus Rex

Black Piranha

Black Piranha
She is legendary, but now was the tremendous biting power of the black piranha first scientifically substantiated precisely: In relation to body weight is the bite of the fish greater than that of a great white shark, an alligator or even the prehistoric Tyrannosaurus rex .

The fish can bite thanks to its extra large jaw muscles with a force equal to 30 times its body weight, according to a study that was published in the journal “Scientific Reports”.

“Dangerous investigation”
For the study, scientists were from the U.S., Egypt and Brazil captured 15 Black Piranhas from the Brazilian Amazon. The subjects bite on a meter. reddit ask . That there had been a “rare, dangerous and difficult to execute investigation,” the researchers wrote.

The usually 20 to 37 centimeters big fish had bitten with a force of 320 Newtons what the triple bite force of an American alligator corresponds comparable size.

Easily crush a turtle
From the size of the jaw muscles, which make up two percent of the study, the body mass of the black piranha, the researchers concluded on the bite force of the extinct for about five million years, Mega Piranha. This was probably bite with up to 4749 Newtons and therefore can easily crush turtles.

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Using Love Spells The Right Way

Using Love Spells The Right Way

Witchcraft was first exposed in modern Christian Europe where many believed was an art associated with the Devil. Many misfortunes and unexplainable events were said to be caused by local witches or warlocks. In fact, many strange marriages that were formed out of nowhere were said to be because of love spells.

Centuries ago, witches would make use of all kinds of spells to make the ones they loved share the same feelings. These days, this practice is still being done but not as apparent anymore. ip database Now, people are learning how to perform these spells by themselves. So for those interested in learning, here are some simple ones.

The most common spell would be for a woman to find her soul mate. Now this could be done with a few things namely some paper, a pen, an envelope, some perfume, lipstick, and flower petals. Start off by writing what the qualities of a perfect man are. Seal it inside an envelope and cover the whole thing with perfume. After that, put in some of the petals and kiss the envelope with the lipstick. Then hide it somewhere hidden so that no person can ever see it.

The next are for people who cannot find love because they think that they are ugly. Now the first thing one should do is to get five candles, position them to make the shape of a heart, and then put his picture in the center. Then he should ask Venus to make him look good. After that, he must thank Venus and then do a good deed to someone he hates.

There are also those who are longing for a lover that they have lost. It can be possible to bring back that lover with this ritual. Place a green candle on the north corner, red candle on the south, a yellow candle on the east, and a blue candle on the west. After that, get two pink candles and say a small prayer to the Goddess of Beauty to fulfill the wish.

This one are for those who want to make sure that their loved one does not ever forget them. All one would need to do is to tie a red piece of yarn on his hand and find a quiet spot. Then he must chant the name of his loved one as well as his desires. site down . In due time, his desires with his beloved will come true.

Of course, there is also another spell for those who already have a lover but want to keep their lover committed. This will be quite difficult to perform since it requires quite a bit of materials. The spell will require one put in a small bag some licorice, unicorn roots, cumin, marigold, and fresh rosemary on the bed of his lover.

So if one would one some simple love spells, the ones mentioned above are probably the simplest. Do take note though that one mistake will probably ruin the whole ritual. Sometimes, one mistake may even produce an entirely different result opposite to the one that it is intended to be.



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The Bird Eating Spider – Goliath Birdeater

The Bird eating spider – Goliath birdeater spiders are one of the largest spiders in the world belonging to tarantula’s family of epic proportions. The spider scientific name is Therophosa blondi. The spider’s bird eating name is derived from the size but rarely feed on bird. So far it is only on one incidence that a Victorian explorer is claimed to have witnessed the Goliath bird feeding on a humming bird. The female goliath bird-eating spider weighs more than 200 gram has a leg span above 30cm. The spider fangs are approximately 2.5 cm long. Interestingly, these spiders are to some extent not harmful to human beings.

Distinct Features of Bird Eating Spider – Goliath birdeater spider
The spider has a chocolate brown colored body. Even though, it is not in all localities you will find the spider having the brown color. The spider’s abdomen is fortified with highly sensitive hairs that it uses for defense incase its irritated. The hair flicks vigorously in case the spider senses danger. The other parts of the body are covered with tiny hairs apart from the leg that is covered with fairly long hairs.

The spider body consists of two parts that is the Cephalothorax and the abdomen. The Cephalothorax is basically both the neck and head combined. The spider movement is propelled by the 4 pair of legs. Additionally, they are nocturnal and cannot see clearly. They can only envision variation in level of light and majorly rely on the sensory hairs to move on the ground and evade obstacles.

Goliath Bird-eating Spider Habitat

These arachnids are widely found in tropical rainforests habitats. South America’s Amazon forest is a popular home for these spiders as it provides a comfortable abode due to the steamy tropical rain forests. The spiders excavate burrows using their sharp, long and projected fangs. The oval spider’s burrows are commonly found at the base of rainforest trees lined with a layer of silk.

These spiders species do not feed on birds as per the name suggest. They feed on frogs, rodents, insects, lizards and other invertebrates.

The Bird Eating Spider – Goliath Birdeater Spider Reproduction, Development and Growth
The spider life span is approximately 18 years with the female living much longer than the male counterparts. Both the male and female have similar anatomical features and sizes. These giant spiders take quite some time before mating. After mating the female store sperm in special ducts waiting for the moment it produces eggs for fertilization to take effect. The sperms are only safe before the female spider sheds her skin. The spider optimal growth is marked with periodical shedding of the skin. The spider requires an absolute consist high humidity to successfully shed the skin. Low humidity is risky for the spider as it will not expel itself from the older skin hence, death. The mating expedition for the male spider is risky almost close to 50% of the male Spiders is maimed by the female spider while trying to mate. The male uses the mating hooks to shield the fangs of the female spider.

English: Goliath birdeater next to a ruler.

English: Goliath birdeater next to a ruler. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Learn How to Hypnotize Someone

Learn How to Hypnotize Someone


Self-hypnosis is usually factual and unlike well-known beliefs this is not a sci-fi idea. In fact, numerous learned individuals are applying this method. It’s much like yoga and many are applying this to make a living using the practical precepts. It’s one of the best ways to achieve deep relaxation. It is the procedure for hypnotizing oneself to have a relaxed state of mind, a very effective stress control application in comparison to normal hypnosis. In this process you won’t need a hypnotist.

One of the reasons why individuals are stressed is a result of the fact that they think excessively. They think about the same matter again and again. They worry too much and consider the future when in fact all we’ve is the present time. Many people get very trapped with their own difficulties and also mention this constantly that causes much more stress. By using this self-hypnosis information, it’s possible to eliminate unpleasant thoughts and learn to stay in the moment. This implies utilizing the imagination to achieve a better mind-set first simply by stating positive affirmations about how exactly we like the life to be. This really is simply by training the mind to create positive thoughts in order to counter tension.

One thing to do based on this self-hypnosis information guide is to discover place where one can be comfy, having minimal distractions, an exclusive room where you can be tranquil. Next, plan the affirmations that you’ll say as a part of the self-hypnosis program. It could be that you could say that life’s beautiful, that you’re pleased and relaxed and all of the concepts that you could translate into words that would make everything feel fine and pleasant for you personally.

The next step is to close your eyes, to inhale and exhale and imagine calming scenery-a wave of relaxing motion, it could be beautiful waterfalls, the smile of any child, a classy rose, the sky, envision this and allow the thoughts enjoy its great beauty. Unwind your body plus let the waves run together with your breathing till your whole body can feel it.

Go deeper simply by affirming that you are relaxed, happy plus content and also peaceful on your own. State that you are becoming much more comfortable. The treatment can last for as long as you like but 15 to 30 minutes is generally good to do every day. By finding time to execute self-hypnosis during your free time you could train your mind to become focused, creative, alert and in control. You may also make use of MP3 music, as outlined by best self-hypnosis information guide books. It might be best to record nature sounds, the noise of the rain drizzling, the sound of water coming down in the mountains, the sound of the ocean waves and the forest. You may also try downloading certain hypnotic songs.

Do this once you feel too much pressure. You can train the mind to think about positive ideas to be able to stimulate the mind and the entire body to do better later on.

English: Hypnotic spiral for hypnotherapy. Eas...

English: Hypnotic spiral for hypnotherapy. Easy instant induction technique. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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Facts about the Tasmanian Devil

You can see the Tasmanian devil situated on the island Tasmania. It is the largest mammal which is a marsupial carnivore. The Tasmanian devil is the creatures that take their little ones in the pouch and stay in Australia. It is a rare mammal found in all places in Australia, but because of the recognized dingo, the amount of these animals has dropped rapidly over the years. Tasmanian devils and dingoes will compete for the similar food items. This animal get their name devil due to their screams which will they show while attempting to scare that threats and different animals away from the food. The name was also contributed to them by the European people who were seen to be haunted through the nightly demonic growl sounds and screams. Even though they are not such as their screams, they are considered to be quite wary and shy creatures, putting instant displays in belief to fear away other animals who like to devour their prey. This Tasmanian devil likes to need to feed off of the road corners and also threat to the species.

These animals hit by the vehicle like cars because they are trying to feed off of the road killed creatures. This creature will eat anything and their favorite items are little animals like wallabies, wombats and possums. These animals are good to find dead animals which may be hidden interior side of trees or bushes which may be able to give a cozy and nice hiding place for them to get rest at the time day time. It will not worry about the number of days that the animal has been dead, they will eat the animal. These animals have strong teeth and jaw muscles, so they are able to devour the full animal. It can be a benefit to the surroundings because it results to lesser amount of pollution of dead carcasses. The furs will also provide a strong odor if they are stressed and they themselves will express ferocity of nature if they are feeding. The female Tasmanian devil has a weight of about 6 to 8 kg and the male devil will generally has a weight of about from 10 to 12 kg. These animals will contain tails which may range from between 9 to 12 inches length.

They are stout and solid and found in black with white patch color on their necks. These animals contain a big and powerful head with pink ears, wide jaw, dark eyes and sharp teeth. It is a muscular and stocky mammal. They are scavengers, therefore they are seen close of the human locations. The Tasmanian devil spends mostly in the hidden sleeping in the tiny natural caves or burrows or in dens. They are spend their times in hollow logs and lined in the leaves and grass.

Tasmanian Devil

The life expectancy of the Tasmanian Devil will generally be up to eight years. The tumor disease was first found in the female Tasmanian in 1995 and has affected more than 65 percent of the species. There is no cure for this disease and it has been said that it can be able to pass the disease each other.

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